About Us

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Our vision

Our vision is unleashing your full potential.

Our goal is to promote the Hellenic-American community in the United States of America.

We intend to accomplish this by offering a solution in which every Hellenic-American business, service and event can be listed and be accessible by everyone.

Help New Customers Find Your Business

With more than 4 million searches performed online every minute, the effective control and display of company information is a strategic issue for all companies.

Having your personal page on HABaround gives you the ability to boost your business, service or event through the powerful and specialized tools that we employ in order to promote all listings in our directory.

Get listed with us

We use all the available technologies to promote your listings and therefore bring customers to your business, service or event. Our website is optimized for mobile access and offers users the ability to locate all listings near their location or at a destination place.

Why choose us:

  • We use the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques that make HABaround listings come up first in search engine results.

  • We monitor and analyze the traffic on HABaround in order to bring more users and potential customers to you.

  • Users are able to use the embedded google map on our website and view the listings that are nearby or at their destination.

  • We promote HABaround listings on the most prominent social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn in order to inform and attract potential customers for your business, service or event.

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